Sneew in Utrecht and skating in Amsterdam!
Domingo Noviembre 30th 2008, 19:49 pm
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Yesterday i went for some iceskating to Amsterdam. The skating was perfect. You can rent  skates (4.50E) or have your own ones, open from 11h-24h, and some kids had a brilliant idea of putting chairs inside the icerink, so it’s impossible to fall,you skate with the chair as a help!! and u can go out, take a rest and go in again…i went there nearly 3h!! The problem now are the blisters in my feet, for the skates, damn …Actually, there are 2 icerinks: the one in Damrak, small and full of water, and 5E (crappy one), and the better one, not so big but good, in Leidseplein…

And today, sunday, it snowed in Utrecht!! After a party yesterday, i woke up at 13h, and all was white!! so maybe having another week of cold weather, and more snow… And, in 6 days,Sinterklaas is coming to town!!!

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