Ich bin ein Berliner auch!
Lunes Octubre 26th 2009, 19:31 pm
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Coming back to Germany, nearly 10 years ago after the eclipse, was a good experience. As I swore to myself, I’d just come to Germany learning little bit of Deutsch… but the experience was quite different. First of all, I went to Hannover, train to Göttingen and got in that marvellous hotel… and, as always, northern countries like to greet me with rain and cold. I roamed around and next day I went to explore properly. I went to the Markt, visited the center, I went all the way to the ‘planetenweg’ and also to the Theather and, of course, the Botanical Garden. This Hortus wasn’t so impressive but was nice. Göttingen was a good place for the meeting (well, it was actually in Lindau), and there was lots of fun and sushi. 4 days of work and fun there!

After that, on saturday, my proper holiday started. I got the ICE to Berlin, in 2 hours I was there. I arrived to the Bahnhof and made the way to Kreuzberg by Jannowitzbrücke. The hostel was nice and well located in Oranienstrasse, full of Turkish shops, Indian restos and other lots of good food. I go walking to the Checkpoint Charlie, that was pretty crowded, and then I went to the Jüdisches Museum, nice architecture but I thought the content could be more interesting. Leaving the museum late (good to know that some museums in Berlin close at 20h), I went walking to the Brandenburg Tor and the Holocaust Memorial, to Postdamerplatz. Arrived again and went for good vindaloo around. There is were I started to feel the Berliner spirit: open and nice, unpretentious, and when you got stacked with German, they just speak English. Same like people in Madrid: when there are so many people that are not from there, it makes a very special environment, and I love it. Quien vive en Madrid es Madrileño,  who stays in Berlin is a Berliner. Easy like that.  Ich bin ein Berliner auch.

On Sunday, I prepared myself for the ‘big museum round’: I went to the Pergamon, Altes and Neues Museum. The Pergamon is soo amazing, I got so impressed by the babilonian Ishtar gate and all the asyrian engravings…wow. That part even impressed me more than the 3 whole greek temple gate, yards included… good part of Arabic art and good amount of greek sculptures, … Altes had lots of greek sculptures, mainly all of that, and … one of the deceptions: Nefertiti was on tour around and I couldn’t see it!! The Neues museum was nice, romantic painting, some expressionist…after that I went to Alexanderplatz (for Spandauerstrasse, Rothaus, Nikolaus kirsche) to meet friends and we went to a nice burgerplace with good 70s music and nice veggie burgers.

Next day, Monday, was an unlucky day for museums. After moving out, I tried to go to the Bauhaus archive in the rain…. And Bauhaus was on ‘bau’ and couldn’t visit it. After that big deception of the day, I walked along the Tiergarten to go to Postdamerplatz. That day, like all the time in Berlin, was so rainy and cold, … I decided to go to the Bundestag, all the way along the Spree river to the Kulturenhaus, the Grote Stern and after having lunch in Hansaplatz, I went to visit the Bröhan museum… closed. So I watched Charlottenburg palace and went to the old broken church and coffie to go the Urania boulevard and the Zoo platz.

On Tue, I went to the Botanical garden and the Bröhan museum. The first one was as good as expected, the greenhouses are soo amazingly large… wow.There were lots of carnivorous plants, as I like, good tropical section, and… other dissapointment: the Victoria waterlily wasn’t there! Where can a waterlily go? The outdoor part of the Garden was really nice, the ‘arboretum’ was a good forest, and some ponds and lots of colors by autumn… Nice veggie omelette in the Botanical, and prepared to go to the Bröhan. This jugenstil museum was ok, lots of german and French art-deco, but I missed the mentions to the relationship between the functionalism and the Bauhaus and, of course, just a mention to MacIntosh! There were a reference from Knox, it’s ok, but not MacIntosh. After that we went to Nikolakirche area for a coffee, nice area, and for pizza in Kreuzbeurg.  Next day to VLC again with the willing of coming back one day to Berlin for a long stay there…

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